About Azuliq

Azuliq Type was founded in 2022 by the designer Markus Abts in Cologne, Germany. The type foundry‘s main focus is to create high-quality display typefaces with advanced and unique aspects. For us it is a privilege to design typefaces, because we value typography as an important connector between people, information and brands. Furthermore, we admire the history and the diversity of written language. To provide you with the best possible overall experience and our own state-of-the-art licensing model, Azuliq Type only sells its fonts through this website.

What became Azuliq Type started as an experiment back in 2020. We would not be where we are today without the support of friends, fellow designers and other creatives. We are collaborating with a small but strong network of experts, which we are looking forward to grow along the way.

Thank you to our customers for taking part in this journey. Your feedback is needed and always highly appreciated. To stay up to date on new releases and other news about Azuliq Type, follow us on Instagram @azuliqtype or visit us again here.

We are not only passionate about type design, but also about the importance of written language for humankind. According to UNESCO, at least 750 million people world­wide still lack basic literacy, ⅔ of them are female. With the ability to read and write, greater independence and more opportunities in life arise. Therefore we donate 10 % of our profits each year to support alphabetization worldwide.

The upcoming donatee will always be announced in December.