01 General terms

By purchasing and/or using one or more Azuliq Type fonts (data files) you accept all terms of this End User License Agreement (hereinafter also abbreviated as EULA).

The purchase of a font makes you the buyer of a license for the respective font. During the checkout process you have to specify the licensee, which can either be your company or a client’s company. Being registered as the licensee makes you an eligible company to use the respective font. As the licensee, you are responsible for ensuring that the font (data file) remains exclusively within your company.

If you purchase a font on behalf of a client that is going to be the licensee, you must obtain the client’s consent to this EULA before the purchase process.

If you are a licensee operating as a contractor and creating work that includes one of our fonts, the respective client automatically accepts all terms of this EULA as well.

02 Freedom

We want to make it super easy and headache-free for you. Therefore, every license is automatically all-inclusive, meaning it is valid for all types of media, forever and worldwide. The licensee may install the respective font on all computers under its ownership and may also embed it into websites and apps under its ownership. Needless to say, the licensee may use the respective font for desktop-publishing, e-publishing, social media, broadcasting, logos, t-shirts, presentations and any other media you can possibly think of. All this applies regardless of frequency, duration, circulation or page impressions.

03 License principle

Our license model is based on the company size. This means you have to select the scope of the license according to the size of the company that will be registered as the licensee. The company size is defined by the total number of permanent employees. We believe this is a fair and modern approach to font licensing for everyone. Please refer to the price list of the respective typeface. You can choose the educational/private license for all uses with the corresponding background. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

04 Altering company size

If the total number of permanent employees in your company will significantly increase and you want to keep using our fonts, we would appreciate if you let us know and we will be happy to help you upgrade your existing license. In case your company size will decrease, please bear with us that we cannot offer any downgrades or refunds.

05 Ownership

Being a buyer and/or a licensee of a font only allows you to use the font under the terms of this EULA, but does not give you any ownership or copyright. You are not authorized to share, sublicense, sell, lend or lease the respective font. You are also not authorized to convert, modify, export or rename the original data file under any circumstances. If you have any requirements for modifications to the glyphs in our fonts, please write an email to us so we can talk about your needs. We offer bespoke typefaces and design modification services for all our fonts with individual licensing options.

06 Online usage

For any usage related to internet services, you have to make sure that the respective font (data file) is always embeded in a secured read-only mode and cannot be used by any third parties in an unauthorized way. The font (data file) has to be stored on the same server as the other softwares and assets associated with the licensee. To ensure the correct usage, please follow the @font-face rule. Providing a font (data file) to third party font hosting services is strictly prohibited.

07 Liability

Azuliq Type produces its fonts at the highest standards and with the newest technologies possible. If you do experience any difficulties with our fonts, we will always work with you to resolve them. Nevertheless, we do not assume any liability for the transactions between us and our buyers/licensees. All fonts (data files) are installed and used at your own risk. Azuliq Type cannot be held responsible in case of any arising issue related to our fonts. All purchases are binding and non-refundable.

08 Respect

Azuliq Type supports equal rights for every human being and stands strongly against any kind of racism, discrimination and inhumanity. The use of our fonts is only permitted to those companies and individuals who respect these rights and beliefs.

If your company or your client’s company is operating in the area of politics and/or religion, you have to apply for a special permission from Azuliq Type to use our fonts. In this case, please write an email to us and explicitly describe your intentions.

If your company or your client’s company is operating in the area of weapons and/or defence industry, the use of our fonts is strictly prohibited.

The use of our fonts is also strictly prohibited in any illegal context.

09 Breach

Any breach of this EULA will automatically cause license termination. In case you are found to be using a font illegally or inconsistent with this EULA, we will pursue with legal actions if necessary.

10 Company definition

By the term “company” we always include any form of company, enterprise, cooperation, organisation, institution, foundation, association, group, club or party. Furthermore, the terms “company” and “your company” also include the company that is eventually your employer or just yourself as an individual if you are a one-person-company, a private person or a student.

11 Jurisdiction

This EULA is governed by and enforced in accordance with the German legal system. In any lawsuit, the residence of Azuliq Type (currently Germany) determines the place of jurisdiction.

12 Subject to alterations

Azuliq Type reserves the right to alter this EULA at any time and will notify all existing licensees by email.