How do I get my purchased fonts?

After your payment has been successful, you will get an email from us with a download link. With this link you will be able to download your purchased fonts immediately. You will also get another email with the corresponding invoice/receipt.

What can I do if I didn’t get the email?

Sometimes it can take a couple of minutes until the email with the download link is received. Please have a little patience if necessary. There is also a high probability that the email has landed in your spam or advertising folder. If there is still no email from us after 15 minutes and you have checked your folders, please write an email to us and we will be happy to help you.

How does your payment work?

We process the payment through your credit card or PayPal account. All transactions are securely processed through Snipcart with Stripe or PayPal as payment gateway.

What font file formats will I receive?

Our fonts will be delivered as OTF (Open Type Format) and WOFF (Web Open Font Format), which are supported by all operating systems from macOS, Windows and Linux.


How does your license model work?

Our license model is based on the company size, which is defined by the total number of permanent employees at the licensee’s company. Every license is automatically all-inclusive, meaning it is valid for all types of media, forever and worldwide, as long as you keep the fonts (data files) strictly within the licensee’s company.

Does all-inclusive mean I can really use my license for everything?

Yes. We want to make it super easy and headache-free for you. The licensee may install the respective font on all computers under its ownership and may also embed it into websites and apps under its ownership. Needless to say, the licensee may use the respective font for desktop-publishing, e-publishing, social media, broadcasting, logos, t-shirts, presentations and any other media you can possibly think of. All this applies regardless of frequency, duration, circulation or page impressions. Have fun using Azuliq Type fonts, get in touch with us and feel free to share your output!

Why is the license based on the company size and not on the number of users?

We believe this is a fair and modern approach to font licensing for everyone. Let us assume that larger companies usually have a greater reach, a bigger client base and make more profit while using a font, whereas the number of users actually working with the font could be similar to a small company. Furthermore, in times of cloud services and metaverses, the idea of “one license per user” seems more and more unrealistic and a little outdated.

What happens if my company grows bigger?

No worries. If the total number of permanent employees in your company will significantly increase and you want to keep using our fonts, we would appreciate if you let us know and we will be happy to help you upgrade your existing license. In case your company size will decrease, please bear with us that we cannot offer any downgrades or refunds.

Can I use my license for multiple companies?

No. Every company needs its own license to use a font. If you are a licensee operating as a contractor and you are using a font for multiple clients while ensuring that the font (data file) remains exclusively within your company, that is totally fine.

When am I eligible for the educational/private license?

If you are a registered student with the aim of using a font for a non-commercial student project or if you are a school or university who wants to provide a font to all students, you are eligible to purchase the educational/private license. You are also eligible to purchase this license if you intend to use a font in private, non-public and non-commercial projects only (for example a family photobook).


Do you offer trial fonts?

No. Currently our offer does not include trial fonts. Please take a look at the full functional type tester feature, which is integrated in every typeface detail page.

Do you offer bespoke typefaces?

Yes. If you have requirements for modifications to the glyphs in our fonts, we can always talk about your needs. We offer bespoke typefaces and design modification services for all our fonts with individual licensing options.

Are you interested in collaborations?

Sure. Wether you are a designer looking for a partner to bring your typeface to life or you have a project you want to talk about, we are always interested in good people & good ideas.